Singles Tour Report

With just one more date left for the Singles Tour (the pre-Xmas Leeds show) now is a good time as any to thank everyone for coming, packing out the shows, dancing and even getting the venues to sweat.

Ben-Brum-Crowd-Will-Carl.jpgThanks also to our ever-calm tour manager and merch juggler Phil who has driven a rowdy van load through inclement weather to identical lodgings and endured mixed merch stands including an understairs view of the loos.

Thanks to sound engineer Dave, who made us sound good while having to cope with a variety of functioning and half-functioning PAs of various heights.

Thanks to guitar tech/roadie Phil 2, who has kept us in tune, towelled and watered, and Mike’s pedals from being stamped on by stage invasions.

And a big thanks to Ben Dakin, who turned up to all the shows to take the fantastic photos, below. And all the best from the CUD Band on yours and Ali’s nuptials.
Check out Ben’s galleries here.

Ben-Hull-CarlBen-Hull-GogsBen-Hull-MikeBen-Hull-Will20 October
Hull Adelphi.
As far we can tell, this venue hasn’t changed since we first played here 30 years ago, almost to the day. The black mould lining the dressing-room walls is testament to years of rock ‘n’ roll abuse. Delayed soundcheck meant scoffing tasty Egyptian food from round the corner in a record speed. Falafel-powered show.

21 October
Leicester Soundhouse.
Refreshing to be welcomed with the offer of a cup of tea and backstage chilli. Probably our best supports of the tour. Sorry it was hard to see us from the back! Properly on fire tonight.

Ben-York-Will-CarlBen-York-Will-Carl-MikeBen-York-Mike25 October
York Fibbers.
Backstage toilet via the lap-dance club upstairs. Ahem. Thanks to DJ Dom for helping out in the absence of a bedridden Phil, and for the big noise. That illuminated backdrop was pretty cool.

Ben-Mancs-Carl-WillBen-Mancs-CarlBen-Mancs-Gogs26 October
Manchester Night And Day Cafe.
Always a pleasure to play for Jay. Worried the stage might collapse during the inevitable invasion. After some hassle with bass leads, Carl filled in with plenty of patter before we finally launched into a cracking gig.

Ben-Bristol-Gogs-MikeBen-Bristol-Will-CarlBen-Bristol-Will27 October
Bristol Thunderbolt.
Another friendly welcome and the hottest gig of the tour so far. Carl and Will stayed behind for a lock-in with the pub manager, which they regreted somewhat the next morning…

Ben-Brum-GogsBen-Brum-Mike-CarlBen-Brum-Will-Mike-CarlBen-Brum-Will-Mike28 October
Birmingham The Flapper.
Carl and Will had to race over to London for a lunchtime comic-book signing while the rest of the band headed to Brum for a stupidly early soundcheck. Due to a double booking at the venue, CUD were on before 8. The gig was interrupted by someone vapping at the front and setting off the smoke alarms (which happened last time we played here too). Another sweaty night with moisture dripping from the ceiling. But a fantastic show with mass moshpit. Carl instigated a women-only stage invasion tonight.

And thanks to everyone who also came along to our earlier Singles shows in London and Glasgow!

See you next at Shiiine and in Leeds!

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