HMS Shiiine interview

Ahead of CUD’s first 2018 show somewhere between Hull and Rotterdam about HMS Shiiine, Carl and Will chatted about pop feet, poop decks and what to expect on the high seas.

You’re playing the Shiiine cruise in March – how are you looking forward to that?
Will: Much so. It’ll be our first show of 2018, an unusual setting and an adventure! We’re also looking forward to it being our in-roads into the lucrative cruise-entertainment market, with an eye on the Caribbean.
Carl: Once more I have an opposite opinion to Will. It’s going to be very messy on the way back. Can’t wait…

Will you be sticking around for the full weekend aboard the good ship Shiiine and the day time antics in Amsterdam?
W: Of course! I wasn’t aware we could escape on a lifeboat, but we’ll be sticking around to check out the competition and sing some shanties on the poop deck.
C: Oh Yes! but it’s Rotterdam that I’m most looking forward to seeing.

It’s something of a unique setting for a gig (ie somewhere in the middle of the North Sea!) – have you played any other bizarre venues in your career?
W: We were the first rock act to play Tower Bridge, something the Victorians didn’t plan on. It was like playing a long corridor. Thankfully, we didn’t have to cut the set in half to allow a tall ship through.
C: And we played an outdoor impromptu show, middle of the night, at Old Sarum, near Stonehenge. Only 10 minutes, two songs, then the police arrived.

Read the full interview here, find tickets links, videos and more!


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