Rich & Strange 2.5 out this week


Black Crown Quarterly #3 is out this week (Weds April 18) with the next instalment of ‘Rich & Strange: The Return of the CUD Band’. It’s a shorter episode this time – Track 2.5 – due to the talented Mr Philip Bond’s other many commitments (in the same mag) but, fear not, as Issue #4 promises a bumper episode wrapping up the saga soon.

Track 2.5 reveals Mike Dunphy’s secret machinations that involve these four familiar urchins…


Plus, as well as the comic strip, Carl exposes his taste in literature, music, spirits and eggs (?!?)…


And these familiar garments make an appearance…


Black Crown Quarterly #3 also includes Rob Davis’ continuing Tales from the Black Crown Pub, a Kid Lobotomy spin-off, a ghost tour of Canon St (c/o Tini Howard and R&S illustrator Philip Bond), two features by Leah Moore, plus previews of Punks Not Dead and upcoming new title Euthanauts.

Look out for this alluring cover by Dilraj Mann in your local comic-book emporium from Wednesday.


More info from Black Crown, here.

And you can order digital copies of BCQ 3 here.

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