CUD’s Top 10


A month or so ago we asked you to vote for your favourite 10 CUD songs from every one we’ve recorded, to help us choose the ‘Good Ones’ to play on the next tour (above).
Well, here are the results!

  1. I’ve Had it with Blondes
  2. Hey, Boots
  3. Only (A Prawn in Whitby)
  4. Strange Kind of Love
  5. Purple Love Balloon
  6. Robinson Crusoe
  7. Rich and Strange
  8. Push and Shove
  9. Magic
  10. Bibi Couldn’t See

So, there’s a lot of When in Rome Kill Me and Leggy Mambo in here, and few surprises. But we’ve committed ourselves to playing these on the next tour and that’s what we’ll be do. But, for those bothered that their choices didn’t make the cut, no fear – this is only about half the songs we intend to play each night.

And regarding the tour, both Leeds and Manchester shows are now sold out, so hurry and grab tickets for the other shows!

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