CUD collected in Black Crown Omnibus


Have you been lapping up the comic-book adventures of the CUD Band by bandmates/co-writers Will Potter & Carl Puttnam and artist Philip Bond in Black Crown Quarterly? Don’t miss out! The full story of CUD: Rich & Strange, and more is now available in one blockbuster volume: Black Crown Omnibus, out today in all good comic-book stores.


The 240-page volume includes every page, every cover, exclusive ‘sleevenotes’ by Will to guide you through the Easter Eggs, Carl and Will’s favourite tunes and books, plus an extra “Hey, Amateur!” strip written by Will.


As well as CUD: Rich and Strange, the book includes the complete Tales from the Black Crown Pub by award-winner Rob Davis and Cannonball Comics by Leah Moore and Dilraj Mann. Special features include Hey, Amateur, Beat Surrender, creator interviews, and a (ghost) walking tour through Canon Street. All this plus the annotated first issues of Black Crown launch titles: Kid Lobotomy, Assassinistas and Punks Not Dead make this a must-have package of the latest in art and alchemy!


Black Crown Omnibus is available today in comic book stores, Amazon and digital comic sites.

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