CUD videos

Enjoy this visual feast of CUD music videos both cheap and high maintenance.

RICH AND STRANGE single, A&M, 1992. No.24 in the pop charts. Directed by Miles Aldridge, in a dreary studio in Brent Cross, 5 May 1992. This features a cast of dummies and Cleo, the Afghan hound. Apologies for the quality (video messages).

PURPLE LOVE BALLOON A&M single video, shot at Leeds Kit Kat club 20 July 1992, with a host of friends dressed for the occasion and the free bar. Look out for various members of Utah Saints, The Mission and Ringo’s High. Single released 3 August 1992.

HEY!WIRE single May 1990. Filmed in a rapeseed field somewhere near Lytham St Annes.

THROUGH THE ROOF A&M single video, shot 29 Feb-2 Mar 1992 in Cadiz, Spain during fiesta time, an absolutely brilliant, and insane, time to be there. Locals are the stars.

OH NO WON’T DO single video 1991 A&M. A long day in a studio near Brent Cross balancing on a wobbly table.

ROBINSON CRUSOE single, Imaginary 1990. Film in the Patchbay Studio where we recorded the ‘Leggy Mambo’ album.

MAGIC single Feb 1991. This is an alternate video produced by Polygram based on live footage.

LOLA video, released April 1989. Filmed by Steve Shone in Saltaire and Leeds.

SLACK TIME One of two videos from a John Peel hosted show ‘On a Personal Note’ from 8-9 July 1988 (also featuring Leeds’s artists Age of Chance and The Ukranians). We recorded a new version of ‘Slack Time’ for the show, and handpainted the cars and set.

I’VE HAD IT WITH BLONDES From the BBC North ‘On a Personal Note’, 8-9 July 1988, hosted by the much-missed John Peel. Backing vocals on this exclusive recording are by Leeds’ duo The Impossibles.

NEUROTICA single, A&M, directed by Lindy Hayman, in a derelict powerhouse in Rotherhithe, 22 Jan 1994. Our suits are painted with white emulsion.

STICKS AND STONES Our last single video. Video shoot near London City Airport, 4 Mar 1994. Director Linda Heyman recruited ten extras — Yugoslavian Mica, as a lost bunny girl, Helen, a flamenco and ballet dancer, J.J, a wardrobe carrier and escape artist, a plate balancer, Donald, a drag act, Pinky the typist and tap dancer and two men who fight across a table. The video draws heavily from the work of German choreographer Pina Bausch and Peter Greenaway’s ‘Drowning by numbers’.

SOMEBODY SNATCHED MY ACTION for ITV’s ‘The Beat’. Filmed at The Astoria , 25 Jan 1994

LOUISE The CUD Band recording the single at Axis Studios, Doncaster. A Stephen Shone panoramic production!

EAU WATER The CUD classic filmed during Cud’s ‘Jubilee’ Tour of 2012 at their sold-out show at Leeds Cockpit. Produced by Inkwell Arts with special thanks to Mechanised Europe Released to promote Xmas shows in Leeds & London on 14th/15th Dec 2012.

If you want more…and there are more, head to CUD’s YouTube Channel, here.