The CUD story part 10

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romecover.jpg(above) Would you buy a debut album from this man?
The wordless cover to ‘When in Rome, Kill Me’ – Cover star, Mr John Farrell.
(All the cash had to be given back.)

12 Jun 1989
LP ‘When in Rome, Kill Me’ released.
CUD receive CD copies, yet none of them yet own CD players (It’s the late ’80s fer chrissakes!).

romead.jpg15 Jun
Nottingham, Old Vic Tavern, where hardly anyone turns up and the bastards never pay up! (Good start for an LP tour!)

16 Jun
Bradford, Queens Hall
(This is more like it – a big, mad-for-it crowd, long, well-played set and stage invasion.)

Carl and Steve interviewed in Leeds around the time of ‘When in Rome, Film Me’ for televisual programme ‘Transmission’.

20 Jun
Leeds, Warehouse
The band play ‘When in Rome, Kill Me’ in order, with keyboards, cellist, and guest actor, Johnny Money. Great night, but Martin, as promotor, lost £120.
(NOTE: This performance is now available on CD from Gabriel Tonka Productions.)

Reviews (below) were not so bad. They seemed surprised that CUD had tunes.
romenmereview.jpg romesoundsreview.jpg romeqreview.jpg
22 Jun
Huddersfield, Scruffies.
Now, there’s apt name for a venue!

30 Jun
Liverpool, Planet X

Money is tight. The dole threatens. Martin tells the band they have to sell some gear to pay off the overdraft. Somehow CUD still manage to get together and write new songs. The future looks less bleak when a tour of Germany and Poland is booked for the year’s end.


17 Jul
CUD go back to school, with a gig at South Elmsall Minsthorpe School

18 Aug
Mike threatens to quit when Carl and Steve turn up 75 minutes late for practice. He was chased and calmed down. Despite low morale, the new songs are sounding great.

20 Aug
Wakefield Park outdoor festival

24 Aug
William and Martin arrange a £1250 bank loan to buy a tour van. Unfortunately, Martin chooses a wreck that has been parked for 6 months and used as a chicken coup. It had a lovely merry-go-round painted on the side, which is its only charm. It will prove to be the bane of the forthcoming East European tour…

joint.jpg 25 Aug
Blyth Sports Centre (with Primal Scream and The Pastels, left).

27 Aug
Northumberland riverside outdoor free gig organised by Crane’s management.

28 Aug
Liverpool Sefton Park Earthbeat Festival

31 Aug
London, Islington Powerhaus

only.jpg2 Sept
‘Only’single released.
(Only/Only (album version) bw Living in the Past/Everybody Works so Hard
(from 2nd Peel session)


10 Sept
Deadline comic first birthday party at London Limelight.
Since meeting comic artists, Jamie Hewlett and Philip Bond at a comics signing in Leeds, they turn out to be CUD fans, and CUD references begin to appear in their comic strips. Later on, CUD will be able to commission Jamie, Philip and Glyn Dillon to produce artwork for their major label releases.
William soon joins in as a contributor to Deadline comic with his fishy tale, Nommo.
Perhaps the ultimate in CUD references in comics appears when William and Carl have megablocks named after them in a Judge Dredd strip.

14 Sept
Cannock, Bowling Green

15 Sept
CUD record a version of Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for an Anti-Poll Tax compilation of No.1 singles, ‘Alvin Lives in Leeds’. The band are coerced into this choice by their manager and enter Lion Studios in Leeds to record it with no prior rehearsal. That’s why it sounds like it does.
(NOTE: Years later, William meets Brian May and sends him a cassette copy. Brian never writes back.)

23 Sept
Bradford, Queens Hall

28 Sept
Manchester Poly

1 Oct
Futurama 6 at Bradford Palace.
The event is filmed by Jettisoundz for video release. Copies are rare.
The show order keeps changing throughout the day, nudging CUD to 5 hours later than originally scheduled, after headliners The Fall and James, to when the last buses home are leaving. Despite this, CUD earn the only stage invasion of the whole day, with a mere 15-minute set.
After a petty argument at the Blyth gig weeks earlier, CUD piss off Primal Scream further by busting their bass drum skin and not telling them.

2 Oct
Return to South Elmsall Minsthorpe School. A tribute band has formed since the last visit.

7 Oct
Hull, Adelphi
Gig returns are picking up. £400 for Futurama, £200 for tonight, with 28 T-shirts sold.
And women are squeezing their way backstage!

9 Oct
Doncaster, Ritzy
Age Concern benefit. £800 raised.

10 Oct
Recording begins for possible new album, at Patchbay Studios with Dave Creffield (The Cref!) beginning a long-term alliance. Songs recorded in this period were ‘Robinson Crusoe’, ‘Eau Water’, ‘Now’ and ‘Manchester’.

14 Oct
Paisley, Clubhouse

16 Oct
London, Dingwalls

22 Oct
Cleethorpes, Beach House

23 Oct
Norwich Arts Centre

25 Oct
Huddersfield Poly

26 Oct
Record signing at Huddersfield Big Tree Records.

28 Oct
Ripon College

2 Nov
London Kilburn National supporting the Wedding Present.
The original support, A Wiitness have to pull out following the tragic death of one of their members.

3 Nov
Stoke Poly

4 Nov
Coventry Poly

5 Nov
Cardiff University

6 Nov
Birmingham Hummingbird

7 Nov
Nottingham Rock City

8 Nov
Blackburn King Georges Hall

10 Nov
Leeds Uni Riley Smith Hall
Back home and back headlining again. This is the gig filmed for the Jettisoundz ‘When at Home Film Me’ video.

15 Nov
London Woolwich Tramshed with New FADs.
The venue is seated as a theatre, so it’s tough warming up the crowd. We’re dressed scruffy, saving our best clothes for the impending European tour. We sleep on cold floors.

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