The CUD story part 13

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elvisphoto.jpg(above) Elvis Belt promo photo

25 Apr 1990
London Brixton Fridge.
Anti-Poll Tax gig with the Wedding Present and Julian Cope. There is a stage invasion. Elvis Belt gets on stage to taunt the audience before being dragged into the crowd and thrown back unconscious! (Don’t worry, kids, he came around half an hour later, no worse for wear.)
Mike and Steve are pissed and sick in the van. We pick up a hitchhiker who fondles the women in our van, so we have to chuck him out five miles outside Brixton. We race the Weddoes up the M1 back to Leeds.

5 May
Stories come in of ex-manager, Rev M. Baker spending £700 in a weekend of booze and taxi cabs. He ascribes his sudden fortune to Bob Dobbs.

6 May
ARRRGH!!! William, in possibly his worst day in CUD, realises that of the two bank paying-in books Martin Baker passed over to him for the CUD accounts, one was for Martin’s personal account. It is this one that was used to credit with recent Peel session monies.
New manager Jim Tracey rushes to Leeds to try and get the cash back. Martin looks forward to court action, just for the fun of it.

Eventually CUD agree for this accidental payment to be Martin’s ‘payoff’. William has the paying-in books confiscated and gets teased endlessly.

10 May
Sign 750 one-sided 12” ‘Hey! Wire singles after a Mock Turtles gig at Leeds Duchess of York. (The Mock Turtles were also signed to Imaginary.) Some rare copies also have Mock Turtles autographs or even the Mock Turtles signing CUD autographs.

heywiread.jpg11 May
Maryport Civic Hall.
Cancer Benefit gig with The Wedding Present.
CUD stay in a dodgy pub, called Knockers, across the road.
Cavedigger Susan/Craig Cooper, acting tour manager, gets into a drunken fight with his room’s wardrobe and sets the fire alarm off.


12 May
Film ‘Hey! Wire’ video (above)  in a rape field near Lytham St Annes with the Jettisoundz crew (who filmed ‘When at Home, Film Me’. Check it out on the DVD.16 May
Hey! Wire tour begins.
Brighton Richmond.
Most of CUD crash at Deadline artist, Glyn Dillon’s flat while William stays up all night helping Jamie Hewlett paint a ‘Tank Girl’ strip.17 May
London ULU with The Family Cat. (NME review, right.)
All back to Carl’s mum’s house afterwards.18 May
Warrington Legends19 May
Blackpool Winter Gardens.20 May
Hull Tower Ballroom (Bachelor Pad supporting.)
(above) Hey! wire sleeve designed by Carl Flint

21 May
Hey! wire b/w Purple Love Balloon/ Possession single released in various versions – one-sided 7”, one-sided and two-sided 12”, and CUD’s first CD single.
Gig at Norwich Arts Centre.

24 May
Liverpool Poly.

25 May
Leeds Poly. A capacity crowd. Support act, The Family Cat, join CUD for encore ‘Strange Kind of Love’ until the plug is pulled. 170 T-shirts sold. Everyone heads to the Warehouse afterwards, then it’s back to William’s to project strobe and gel lights over Burley. A great night!

26 May
Manchester Uni (The Mock Turtles supporting.) Another packed gig.

27 May
‘Hey! Wire’ enters the pop charts… at No. 104!

29 May
Birmingham Burberries

30 May
Record signing at Leeds Jumbo Records. It takes two and half hours to get through the line.

31 May
Sheffield Uni
First appearance of purple ‘love balloons’ thrown on stage. Carl tries to kick one and ends up on his back for ‘Living in the Past’.

1 June
London The Venue (Bachelor Pad and Swervedriver supporting.)

3 June
Nottingham Trent Poly (Bachelor Pad supporting.)

4 June
Bristol Bierkeller

5 June
Cardiff Venue
Karma. After William damaged Crane’s bass a while back, the same happens to his tonight.

6 June
Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall (Bachelor Pad supporting.)

7 June
Cleethorpes Gardens (Bachelor Pad supporting.)

10 June
Dundee Dance Factory
(Bit of a trek that one! 280 miles back to Leeds. Rabbits all over the road, dazzled by headlights.)

12 June
Newcastle Riverside
Jim comes over to tell the band ‘Hey! wire’s sold 5,500 copies so far and ‘When in Rome’ 6,300. CUD might even earn money from the tour!

elvissleeve.jpg(above) The cover photo for Elvis Belt was taken by William at Leeds Poly in 1986. That’s Elvis Belt centre and Carl almost visible on the right.

18 June
‘Elvis Belt’ compilation LP/CD (above) released.

elvismmreview.jpg elvisnmereview.jpg
elvisnmechart.jpg elvischart.jpg

Nice to get to top of the indie charts even if they get the title wrong!
elvisbeltstrip.jpg(above) The limited edition CUD comic strip by William given away inside vinyl copies of Elvis Belt.
soundsint90pt1.jpg soundsint90pt3.jpg

25 June
Big management meeting. Craig is dumped as tour manager. Fighting wardrobes did little for his business reputation.

William gets asked to design a Wedding Present T-shirt. He comes up with the slogan ‘All their Songs Sound the Same’. They go ahead and print it!



cud2.jpg 27 June
Leeds San Miguels
CUD’s first tribute band, CUD 2, play Leeds gig supported by ‘The Carl Puttnam Experience’ and Psoriosis Doctors. (left)remembersleeve.jpg

4, 5 July
Record Family Cat song, ‘Remember What It Is That You Love’ (above) in Patchbay Studios, Castleford for series of Clawfist Records double A-side 7″s. Family Cat provide backing vocals.
CUD are fortunate to record before England lose to penalties against Germany in the World Cup semi-final. The Cat have to carry on regardless of dulled spirits, recording their version of CUD’s ‘Strange Kind Of Love’ for the other A-side (with Carl doing backing vocals).
Mekon, Jon Langford produces.

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