The CUD story part 15

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leggysleeve.jpg(above) Space Baby goes into orbit.

22 Oct 1990
Leggy Mambo album (above) released.



mmleggyreview.jpg nmeleggyreview.jpg speakoutleggyreview.jpg



(above) Who the fuck are these guys?!
26 Oct
Record ‘Back Door Santa’ for Xmas flexidisc at Woodhouse Studios, Leeds.29 Oct
Apparently Silvertone are interested in CUD for a five-year deal…

William caught in action at The Phono (below)


31 Oct
Leggy Mambo tour begins.
CUD have a new full crew.
Welcome aboard,
Kerri Farnsworth, Tour Manager,
Jem Noble, Sound Engineer,
Gordon White & Chris Harrop, Road Crew,
Rose Durbin, Merchandise.

Nottingham Venus.
Blammo! support tonight. Popinjays support for rest of tour.

3 Nov

Leeds Colosseum (review, above)

5 Nov
Birmingham Goldwyns

6 Nov
Hull Tower (review, above)


soundsnov90pt2.jpg9 Nov
Portsmouth Poly

13 Nov
Rayleigh Pink Toothbrush (good name!)

14 Nov
Oxford Venue

15 Nov
London Hibernian gig cancelled. (see right and cartoon below!)16 Nov
Norwich Waterfront17 Nov
Sheffield Leadmill19 Nov
Preston, Lancashire Poly.

ut.jpg20 Nov
Liverpool Poly
Silvertone records, home of the Stone Roses come to watch.

21 Nov
Coventry Tic Toc

23 Nov
Edinburgh Uni

mmhacreview.jpg awesometop10.jpg24 Nov
Glasgow Wah Wah Hut
Carl’s voice is a bit shagged from so many gigs in a row, so the band play a slightly shorter set. Despite the sore throat, Carl joins a group hitting the clubs till 6am!25 Nov
Newcastle Riverside
Gig packed over capacity. Poor PA disguises Carl’s rough vocals. Over 100 T-shirts sold.27 Nov
Manchester Hacienda
There is a real feeling of sadness as the crew go there separate ways. (review, left).

4 Dec
Paul Adam from Polygram Publishing visits Leeds, keen on signing CUD. (Yes, this is the same Paul Adam who appeared on the panel of the first ‘Pop Idol’ series.)
Mike intimates he wants his rightful credit for writing most of the music from now on.

5 Dec
After a ‘Choose Jim or me’ ultimatum, William is given the job of calling Eric Longley as CUD’s business manager.

6 Dec
London Astoria
Secret support to The Wonder Stuff with Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. For some strange reason, CUD end up playing after The Wonder Stuff. Plenty of wine and champagne on tap.

11, 12 Dec
Record B-sides for next single, ‘Beyond Hair’ (name of Carl’s contribution to William’s fanzine, ‘Groin’) and ‘Marjorie’ (named for one obsessive fan) at Patchbay Studio (bankrupt but available
for hire.)

14 Dec
Ripon College Christmas Ball
Odd gig with audience in hire suits and ballgowns. It doesn’t stop a stage invasion.

xmasball.jpg  15 Dec
London New Cross Venue Xmas gig.
A huge sell-out with 1,600 inside and 300 people having to be turned away.CUD fan club flexidisc ‘Back Door Santa’ (below) is given out with badges and purple ‘love’ balloons.

santaflexi.jpg21 Dec
While CUD mix B-sides, Jim comes over with a great Xmas present – a firm offer from Polygram Publishing – £60,000! Looks like 1991 is going to be a big year!


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