The CUD story part 14

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leggypromo.jpg(above) Leggy Mambo promo photo

19 July 1990
XTC guitarist and new CUD album producer, Dave Gregory visits CUD rehearsals for the new LP.

nmeint90.jpg(above) Probably the most overworked of the cattle puns CUD endure.
nmeint90pt2.jpg 29 July
Recording for the new album begins at Patchbay Studios with engineer Dave Creffield, but without Dave Gregory. An instrumental version of ‘Remember What It Is That You Love’ is mixed for a ‘Robinson’ b-side. The track is renamed ‘Plantation Island’ to match the photo on the record sleeve. The sample that runs through it, by the way, is from Freda Payne’s ‘Unhooked Generation’.

clothesshow.jpg CUD start to feature in the music press gossip columns. This is actually true! Carl DID appear on The Clothes Show as a model for a friend’s fashions. That’s how he got hold of some cool free clothes.
30 July
Recording of ‘Robinson Crusoe’ begins. Dave Gregory arrives midday to begin production. The vocals seem quiet, but the three-part guitar solo is awesome! A long version is recorded, suitable for a 12”.Dave Gregory is a quiet-spoken but attentive producer. The details and overdubs he adds to the tracks, especially the guitar parts add a great catchy 60s’ vibe to the tunes. During quiet moments he practises The Beatles ‘Blackbird’ on an acoustic. His normal mild manner erupts into anger once when a pizza request turns up wrong. As a diabetic he has to pay strict attention to his diet.Some song info:Now!
This is William’s only songwriting contribution to the album. Mike has really taken over and become de facto leader with incredible new songs and vastly improved guitar playing.Hey, Boots
Boots is the sensational bass-playing genius that is Bootsy Collins.Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.
Dave, under the alias Rex Rapier adds a surf guitar part to ‘Not Exactly D.L.E.R.C.’
CUD will forever on have to answer the question ‘What does D.L.E.R.C. stand for?’ D.L.E.R.C. is not exactly the initials of one of Carl’s flames. Her true initials would not have fit so well into the lyrics, and the song is ‘not exactly’ about her either!

Robinson Crusoe
The lyrics to this were inspired by the film version starring Michael York in which he tries to impose a ridiculous monetary system on a desert island where all you need to survive is free.

Eau Water
CUD try to get Volvic interested in using this in an ad. They don’t take.

This track, produced by Dave Creffield includes a rhythm sample he also used with his protégés, The Poppy Factory. (Though Dave never told us at the time!) Keyboard player in the Poppies was a Mick Dale, who plays piano on this song, too. (Mick eventually replaced William as bass player in 1995, before going on to greater success in Embrace. More of him later.)

Brain on a Slow Train
Gordon White, ex of Ritzen Ratzen Rotzer and later Ket Kolomper and future CUD roadie plays the harmonica part on this.

leggypromo2.jpg21 Aug
The band try to think up a title for the album. ‘Certain Ring’, ‘Queer Pitch’, ‘Planet Wobblers’ and ‘CUD 2’ all fail to be agreed on. The compromise, ‘Leggy Mambo Gold Top Copy’ is finally chosen – the first name of Beatles parody band, The Rutles manager, Leggy Mountbatten, plus a word chosen randomly from a dictionary and Mike’s model Gibson guitar. This is shortened to ‘Leggy Mambo’ anyway. So, the album title is meaningless. This is how democracy works!

willleggy2.jpg willleggy.jpg

26 Aug
Seven-hour-long photo session with Keith James in Bradford fails to stop CUD looking ugly. He takes a good photo of Steve’s souvenir of Poland against a starfield, though… Space Baby!

28 Aug
Film workmanlike, cheap video for ‘Robinson Crusoe’ (above) with friend and BBC Leeds director, Steve Shone. Instead of a desert island we get dry ice in the Patchbay live room.

1 Sept
CUD have a fan club! The first issue of Space CUDets fanzine is printed.

10 September
William exchanges Rickenbacker for sturdier live bass – a white Fender Power Jazz.
The band convene at Patchbay to hear the fully mixed album. It’s Dave Gregory’s decision to have the tracks play without breaks. Some joins seem jumpy, but the band are immensely proud of the result.

13 September
Patchbay Studios go bankrupt.

20 Sept
Robinson Crusoe tour begins with a ‘warm-up’ gig.
Cannock Bowling Green
Unfortunately, the PA breaks down halfway through the set.
When packing up in the cramped space beside the stage, CUD discover someone has puked in one of the drum cases. Still, 64 T-shirts are sold (that’s one for every four members of the audience!).
CUD have a new live sound engineer, Jem Noble.

filmmesleeve.jpg21 Sept
‘When At Home Film Me’ video (above) is released. (Now available with dodgy extra songs on Cherry Red DVD!)

lop90review.jpg 22 Sept
Bradford Queens Hall.
Sold out!
robinsonsleeve.jpgAfter trying to avoid any desert island references for the sleeve to the forthcoming single, ‘Robinson Crusoe’, unable to agree on any other idea, CUD choose a photo of a desert island at the last minute from a Leeds slide library. It’s that or a topless woman!
(Travel note: I recently came across the very island pictured when i stayed on the one ‘next door’, in Fiji.)

24 Sept
Robinson Crusoe bw Plantation Island single is released.
The CD and 12” contain CUD’s first ‘dance mix’, by Leeds’ own Nightmares on Wax. (Not that it includes much of the original song…)

(right) Single of the week! Well, there’s a turnabout! (OK, CUD’s was one of two. The other was by HP Zinker. Heard of them?)

25 Sept
Huddersfield Poly.
Another great show, with dancing to the back of the hall.

27 Sept
Galashiels Club DM.

28 Sept
Blackpool Jenks.
Mick Houghton and Pam, our new press agents come to see the band.

30 Sept
‘Robinson Crusoe’ reaches No. 86 in the national charts.


3 October
Leicester Princess Charlotte


4 Oct
Gloucester Guild Hall.
Dave Gregory shows up.
CUD hear a rumour that a Securicor van delivering the single to chart shops was hijacked. Is it a myth or the Curse of CUD?5 Oct
London ULU (Popinjays support.)
A very sweaty gig. Steve meets an enthusiastic Jonathan King in the audience. (see above)6 Oct
Cambridge Junction uluflyer.jpg
nmeulureview.jpg soundsulureview.jpg
cudtaxisnme.jpgHere we go… CUD get infamous enough to feature in the ‘humorous’ in the music press. We grumbled at the time, But don’t they say any press is good press? And what is Saddam doing?

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