The CUD story part 18

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ohnosession3.jpg(above) Only William looks at the camera.

9 Sept 1991
Meeting in Manchester to discuss the next tour. This time we’ll be taking our own PA and lights. Many of our old team will be gone.

10 Sept
Wade through videos looking for a director for our ‘Oh No Won’t Do’ promo. Find out Carl is being sent to a health farm as an NME interview stunt. Rather than Fat Farm, it’s a day of pampering, good food and fine wine.

nme14_09.jpg18 Sept
Meet ‘Wiz’ our chosen director.

19 Sept
Head to London prior to our video shoot. London’s always an excuse to party. Carl and William head to Tongue Kung Fu, meet Bob Mortimer and invite him back to the Columbia Hotel. Bar was shut though when we get there at 4.15am.

20 Sept
Four hours later, it’s up for breakfaat, then back to bed. The video shoot doesn’t start till the afternoon, but it lasts a day – one of the most tedious days. We arrive at the chilly Brent Cross studio for 3pm. We don’t finish till 4am. Steve doesn’t get his time in front of the camera till midnight! CUD crawl over a wobbly table that is projected on like a camera obscura. Make up hides the effects of lack of sleep on our faces.

21 Sept
After five hours sleep, we’re off to Maida Vale to record a session for BBC Radio One’s Mark Goodier show. Every one at the Beeb was grumpy over contract changes. The producer, Martin Golley seemed disinterested and hurried us through the recording. He did finally admit to liking some of our songs, though. The songs were ‘Oh No Won’t Do’, ‘Profession’, ‘Purple Love Balloon’ and ‘Sometimes Rightly Sometimes Wrongly’.

nme19_10int.jpg24 Sept
Back in London to finish the blessed video (below)!

25 Sept
Met up with Brad Pollak from A&M USA. He had us record a corny ‘hi’ in Hyde Park for the marketing department and talks some jargon about flats, co-ops and space baby dolls for our US introduction release, ‘The Cud Band’ e.p.


ohnowontdosleeve.jpgOh No Won’t Do 12″. The sleeve is covered with a series of polaroids taken by Carl and Steve around Carl’s house.
ohad.jpg 30 Sept
Had a comfy interview with Melody maker’s Dave Simpson at Bacio’s restaurant in Leeds.
We watch the first cut of the ‘Oh No Won’t Do’ video. Developing problems mean most of the film came out black and white. Duh! We call Wiz and ask him to re-edit more colour footage into it.1 Oct
‘Just in case’, the ‘Oh No Won’t Do’ lyrics and details of our backline are sent to Top of the Pops.4 Oct
In the studio rehearsing for the tour. We’ve purchased two huge bass cabs second-hand, stencilled with the name of their previous owners – Duran Duran!

7 Oct
‘Oh No Won’t Do’ is released. The 7” box set sells out in Leeds and Manchester on day one.

9 Oct
Warm-up date at Buckley Tivoli, North Wales. Stay in a wonderful farmhouse in nearby woods with Eulow Castle in the grounds. Sandy, the proprietor is ex-Man and Swinging Blue Jeans, and, used to bands, serves us hot food post-gig at 1.30am. Surreally, it’s served by fellow resident, actress Cathy Tyson.

10 Oct
Wake up to discover ‘Oh No Won’t Do’ is No.34 in the mid-week chart. Now we’re talking seriously about TOTP and how we can keep the single in the 40. To bring us back down to Earth, the van doesn’t start and has to be pushed, then tour manager, Keri, leaves the gig money in Nantwich and has to book a despatch rider to fetch it.
The gig tonight is at Stoke Freetown. Apache, the promotor is a generous host, adding drugs to the full rider.


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