The CUD story part 21

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(above) Carl gets foamed in Cadiz fiesta.

28 Feb
Fly to Cadiz for a long weekend to film the video for ‘Through the Roof’. It’s my first flight. We arrive early at Herez Airport to sun and palm trees and drink vino tinto and café con leche while we wait for the directors Chris and Steve to turn up. Donny, their assistant and translator proves invaluable. We’re staying beside a golf course at the luxurious Hotel Costa Golf. Without film lighting we can enjoy the evenings without the pressure of performing in front of the camera.


cadiz_steve_maracas.jpg29 Feb
Before it starts the video shoot seems doomed as the only camera fails to run 25 frames a second. A stressful couple of hours are spent in a café attempting repairs. It works and we start shooting in the afternoon.

cadiz_carl_sword.jpgIt’s festival time in this Andulusian port city. Trailers of competing singers in full costume trail through the streets, families dine outdoors, groups of children in silver facepaint, dressed in homemade clownsuits spray foam and shower us with confetti. And in the background, four guys tramp around with a CD player pumping out ‘Through the Roof’, miming. In the party atmosphere the video show doesn’t seem out of place. Melody Maker turns up in the evening for a meal in the midst of the still-running carnival.

cadiz_mm_cover.jpg1 Mar
The journos spend the whole day in the hotel, missing the highlights of the carnival, and turn up two hours late to interview a tired and hungry band. Filming has been fun but exhaustiing. People joined in, danced with us, Carl serenaded and was offered brandy. In one quiet courtyard I attempted the flamenco with a 70-year-old toothless gran.

cadiz_trio.jpgThe spirit of the city folk is intoxicating. I hope the video shows some of the happy vibe we feel here. (Video below.)







2 Mar
It rains in the morning. We join the aftermath of the carnival for a few more takes amidst council workers clearing up the litter and removing decorations. We hung around on the seafront in wigs and sombreros for Melody Maker, then said farewell to Danny at Chiclona restaurant.

3 Mar
Journey back is a trial, hungover, having to pause at Valencia for customs, missing a train from Kings Cross, then having to return to Leeds via Doncaster. It’s 1am by the time we’re home.

11 Mar
Manchester, to record a live session for Marc Radcliffe’s Radio 5 show, ‘Hit the North’. Mike’s amp fails, but we’re able to borrow one mere minutes before we’re live.


throughtheroofpostcard.jpg16 Mar
Through the Roof is released.
Mike puts down some acoustic guitar tracks at Woodlands for a radio session. Carl fails to show up, claiming he didn’t know the date. (The days before mobile phones!) Mike and I listen to an early mix of ‘Asquarius’. It sounds awesome.

Rather literal, unimaginative single sleeve. CUD’s worst?


roofhouse2.jpgThe single inserts continue. This self-build CUD house was designed by Deadline artists, Philip Bond, Jamie Hewlett and Glyn Dillon.

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