The CUD story part 23

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once_strings.jpg(above) Strings for the Once Again single.

25 Apr
Steve and I fly to London (How gauche!) for Metropolis Studios where we’re rerecording a shorter ‘Once Again’ for the single we didn’t want out. Gear doesn’t arrive till teatime. I spent the longest time ever on a bassline which previous took less than half an hour. Steve only gets to record an egg shake today.

once_piano.jpg29 Apr
Morning after a late night seeing the Family Cat at Camden Palace, meet up with Miles Alridge, our chosen director for the ‘Rich and Strange’ video.
With some spare studio time, and on a whim, we record a version of ‘Day by Day’ from the soundtrack to ‘Godspell’ for a potential B-side.

once_carl.jpg30 Apr
Ex-Sgt Pepper string section turn up to add their magic to Once Again. It’s shaping up to be a beautifully moving single. I’m looking forward to its release more now, though Heaven knows how the fanbase will respond to it or if it will gain us Radio 2 exposure!


rsvideo_steve.jpg5 May
Back in the same dreary studio in Brent Cross to film the Rich and Strange video. There’s a lot of hanging around and getting make-up done. Steve, Carl and I wear shiny shirts made specially for us by Helen in Leeds. Mike wears a Dalmatian patterned top which, I suppose, goes well with the trained Afghan hound, Cleo, that stars in the film!



rsVideo_mike.jpgWe balance precariously on revolving tables, sit at a dining table with well-groomed mannequins with a choice of sardines, grapes and a fish and fruit sculpture. The whole shoot should look luminous and decadent.

rsvideo_drums.jpgAnd the result…

6 May
A dull interview with NME’s Stephen Dalton and a daft photo shoot in joke masks and wigs with Steve Double followed by a solid block of rehearsals.



13 May
Sellout gig at Huddersfield Poly in sweltering heat. I decided at the last minute to cycle from Leeds to the venue.
‘Rich and Strange’ is getting daytime airplay.

14 May
Video interview for East Anglian TV.
Intimate warm-up show at London’s Borderline. Had a lot of industry types there. Happily there was a dynamic posse of fans singing along and waving hands in the air. A&M seemed pleased, but now a potential storm looms with them so keen on our version of ‘Day by Day’, they want it as a single.

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