The CUD story part 26

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asquariusposter1.jpg(above) Philip Bond and Glyn Dillon poster art for Asquarius.

22 Jun
Hear an awful remix of ‘Purple Love Balloon’ commissioned by A&M. We’re promised two alternatives tomorrow. Why were they kept from us in the first place?!

24 Jun
Reviews are coming in for the album and are generally good.

asquariusposter2.jpg(above) Jamie Hewlett’s montage poster for Asquarius. Don’t think I ever got the photos back!

glasto_mikeint.jpg26 Jun
CUD head to Glastonbury and it is HOT! (Yes, for all those who have suffered in The Mud – this was a brilliant, hot, dry year!) Five hours drive.
Unfortunately (and we blame Jim for this), we’re in a hotel, the Wessex, well away from the site, when there’s a perfectly good campsite in the VIP area (!) He also claims our passes are only for the day and we can only get one guest in each, which turns out to be false.


glasto_nme.jpg glasto_chart.jpg
27 Jun
We join the traffic jam of pilgrims heading to the site. After an hour and a half we reach the VIP area of the NME stage. A nuisance Gene October from Chelsea turns up in our portacabin dressing room to poach beer while we’re changing.We’re on at 5.15pm but it’s late enough to use stage lighting. Carl has a quick chat with John Peel side-stage, we get a line check, then we’re on. We’re loud, lively and get a great reception from the ocean of faces. The monitor sound varies dramatically and puts us off a little. Steve drops a stick and fucks up ‘Robinson Crusoe’.


A misreading of the set-lists causes an audible argument between Carl and Mike, but it still raise a cheer. The crowd dance and form human pyramids. It’s blazing sun. It’s a blast.

Afterwards I catch the Lou Reed and Shakespeare’s Sister sets and wish I was camping onsite rather than exiting to get back to our hotel without atmosphere.

glasto2.jpg29 Jun
First major label album, ‘Asquarius’ released. We spend an hour signing copies in Jumbo Records, Leeds.

asquarius_sleeve.jpg3 Jul
Another signing, in Leicester. Another hour, then queues on the M69 and M6 mean we have to cancel similar in Manchester, depsite 150 people turning up. Sorry if you were one of them!

5 Jul
This week Carl and I are writing our diaries for Select magazine. It starts well with us jetting first-class to Cologne for press interviews. Most of the interviews turn out to be over the phone from our hotel room. There’s precious little time for sightseeing or shopping, but we manage to overindulge in cocktails.


select_diary2.jpg7 Jul
Get my hair cut off. It looks dramatic for the diary but I regret it. Mike turns up at the Fav to laugh at it and buys me a drink.

8 Jul
We’re the NME cover stars. At last! Though it does seem unreal.









asq_wessex_int.jpg10 Jul
‘Purple Love Balloon’ video director comes up from London to site check the Kit Kat Club, our choice of setting. A few of the band go back to drink on A&M’s expense at his hotel.

11 Jul
I’m the only member of the band who manages to get up for a video meeting.
The hotel complains that someone from the CUD party urinated on the carpet last night.

17 Jul
Celebration for Jon and Helen Langford’s wedding with a gig by Leeds rock ‘n’ rollers, Pink Peg Slax.


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