The CUD Story part 27

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purplevid_steve.jpg(above) Steve parks his camel at the bar for a swift one during the PLB video shoot.

20 Jul
‘Purple Love Balloon’ video shoot. It’s Thursday afternoon but there’s a free bar at the Kit Kat Club so it starts to swing even without music. Everyone’s made the effort to dress up, 70s kitsch, Moulin Rouge glamour, pantomime cow (?!) (Keith Utah Saint was apparently the front). Mick from the Mission looks like one of the Rubettes. Everyone is a star!




purplevid_alaric.jpgImages from the PLB shoot. (From top) William and silver boa, cage girls, DJ Carl, Alaric Neville (on right) and Geoff.
purplevid_mick.jpg purplevid_cigs.jpg

(left) Mick from the Mission and hangers-on, (above) Kit Kat resident cigarette girl.


purplevid_bum_.jpgAnd here’s the video!

23 Jul
We’ve a new exclusive rehearsal place under the railway bridges at Old Chapel, Holbeck. We’ve four new songs in the bag waiting for lyrics.
There’s an idea floating around that we should put a photos of our mothers on the sleeve of ‘Once Again’. Sadly, and despite my own mother going on a crash diet in anticipation, the mums get replaced by a pair of underpants.

29 Jul
Another practice without lyrics.

30 Jul
To London and a half-hearted round of golf with Melody Maker’s Everett True for an interview photo session. Steve turns up and rides the train in the Arab outfit he kept from the ‘Purple Love Balloon’ video.
Went to see The Pale who A&M want as support for us in the next tour. They’re dreadful. We say no.




purple_sleeve.jpg3 Aug
Purple Love Balloon released with an extreme selection of extras – a pop-out mobile, picture disc and tracks on the the 7” not on the 12”and CD, taking advantage of the fanbase one thinks.

purple_sleeve_alt1.jpgTwo rejected sleeve designs for PLB. We weren’t allowed to use the names Alpert & Moss.

purple_sleeve_alt2.jpg4 Aug
Single signing at Derby’s Way Ahead Records. Despite a dodgy ankle, my grandad turns up!
Straight on for the same in Birmingham, then Leeds.

5 Aug
Manchester for a meeting where hapless and berated tour manager, Kerri is sacked. On to a signing and short live performance at HMV. The stage is the carpetted T-shirt display. The crowd that show up are understandibly awkward about letting loose.
Interview with City Life at the Dry Bar.


purple_mobile2.jpg(above) 12″ insert mobile by Philip Bond and Glyn Dillon.

6 Aug
Still doing our bit for any small sales, this time to sign copies of PLB in Nottingham Selectadisc. PLB is 22 mid-week, a little lower than Rich and Strange was, though apparently it’s selling 35% more.
Back in Leeds, we’re posing tonight for a mock-Hello feature in a glossy insert for Melody Maker. Suited up, we arrive at Leeds Casino in stretch limo and do our best to look loaded and glamorous.




purple_rev.jpg purple_mirror.jpg

7 Aug
Scottish signings. Up early but traffic sets us back an hour before we reach the first in Edinburgh HMV. We do a quick live interview and race off to Glasgow. We’re so late, only a dozen people were left and we had to rush through before the shop shut.

9 Aug

Head to Great Yarmouth. We’re miming live on air for the Radio One Roadshow. Drinks are on the tab so we keep the Dolphin Hotel bar open and chat to Mark Goodier. Carl keeps Richey from the Manic Street Preachers company at the bar till morning.

Purple Love Balloon enters the chart at No.27.

purple_chart.jpg10 Aug
Richey then throws up twice before getting up to play ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’. We’re busy blowing up 90 purple balloons to toss into the crowd on the beach. 10 hours, travelling, a hotel, bar bill for 3 minutes miming – the things you do for daytime airplay!

purple_discog.jpg22 Aug
The Junction Open Air Free Festival at Cambridge Jesus Green Park. We play OK, though I fuck up ‘Through the Roof’ trying to manipulate my new octave pedal and Carl falls offstage and gets his ridiculous parsnip necklace caught up.



cam_willcarl.jpg11 Sept
It’s CUD versus the Mission versus the Wedding Present versus Utah Saints at a Laser Quest launch. I win the champagne as the day’s top scorer.

14-15 Sept
Woodhouse Studios to record a demo of four great new songs.

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