The CUD story part 28

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(above) Gone minimal. The boring sleeve for Once Again – a pants release?
28 Sept 1992 
‘Once Again’ released.

28 Sept 1992
‘Once Again’ released.



30 Sept
The big tour begins. The tour bus leaves for Motherwell at midnight. No one can face the tight bunk beds without getting drunk first. Our cramped quarters are kept private by a flimsy curtain. Earplugs and alcohol are a necessity.
‘Once again’, the single A&M wanted has failed to set the airwaves alight or inspired our fans. It’s 40 mid-week.

purple_carl.jpg1 Oct

To add to the doom of the single, we’ve only sold 100 tickets for what is an 1,800 capacity venue, the Motherwell Civic Hall. We’re here early to rehearse with lights, which look brilliant.
Fun begins when our support and mates, the Family Cat show up.

2 Oct
Glasgow Strathclyde University.
It’s a rainy day in Glasgow. After the gig a couple of girls from Stirling try to convince Mike and me to let them get aboard the tourbus (though they insist we pay later for their return train fare.)


NME 40th Anniversary triple CD ‘Ruby Trax’ made available, raising money for the Spastics Society. Bands covering No.1 singles from the last 40 years include Blur, Tears for Fears, Dannii Minogue, Suede, Boy George, The Fall, Ride and CUD who contribute an idiosyncratic reading of the Quo’s ‘Down Down’.

NME 40th Anniversary triple CD ‘Ruby Trax’ made available, raising money for the Spastics Society. Bands covering No.1 singles from the last 40 years include Blur, Tears for Fears, Dannii Minogue, Suede, Boy George, The Fall, Ride and CUD who contribute an idiosyncratic reading of the Quo’s ‘Down Down

3 Oct

Stirling University.
Really hot gig outside the small town. In the darkness at the back of the stage Carl stumbles off a temporary step and does his back in.


5 Oct
Edinburgh University Freshers’ Ball.
We manage to squeeze in all the non-fresher CUD fans onto our guest list. The largely unititated crowd made the gig feel a little awkward but there was cake and sweets in abundance.
Up till 7am for a Sega Golf tournament on the bus.6 Oct
Newcastle University.
Pals, the Sunflowers turn up to quaff all our rider. The gig’s a sell-out but we’re put in the smaller hall with a precarious stage where we fear the lights may topple onto Steve. The Dunphy clan turn up and we put on our best show so far.7 Oct
Manchester University.
John Family Cat’s 29th birthday. We present him with a cake and glowing troll on stage.
After a blinding gig, we party at a UMIST disco.

8 Oct
Liverpool University.
The low ceiling gives the crowd a letterbox view of us. Went to see the embarrassing Sultans of Ping FC afterwards.




asqtour_mm_rev.jpg10 Oct
Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall.
Carl’s still bruised from his fall off stage so Steve gives him a good rubdown with Ralgex. Despite a sell out, we play a fairly workmanlike show. It lacked atmosphere.
I join Mike, Steve and the Family Cat to see Pulp at the Poly. Jarvis promises is corduroy suit will be all the rage next year. We wander round the back of the building and catch the band changing.

11 Oct
Nottingham Trent Poly.
The whole Potter clan turn up to give the bass player their support. It’s 30 years since my dad last went to a gig (Billy Fury).

oncetour_driver.jpg oncetour_gor.jpg
12 Oct
Leicester University.
Gig goes well despite Carl unplugging me during ‘Pink Flamingo’. News comes in that our Peterborough show for the 15th has been cancelled due to a dodgy promotor and poor ticket sales. 😦asqtour_londonad.jpg13 Oct
Exeter University.
More family shows. Steve’s mum shows up tonight (65 and her first gig!) First night for us in a hotel. Bliss!


14 Oct
Day off, but the band meet up to see EMF at the Uni. Missed the show but we catch up with the band afterwards in the dressing room. We pile into their sleeper coach to head to a sad rave till Exeter closing time (1am). Mike chats guitars to chief songwriter, Ian Dench. They’re all a good bunch.

16 Oct
Bristol University.
Bass cuts out for two songs which is shit.

17 Oct
Southampton University.
Played to 750 mainly lads in the hottest gig so far.

19 Oct
London Town & Country Club.
Best show of the tour so far (Aren’t they all?) 19 tickets off another sell-out (over 1950 folks), champagne from the promotor. Party in the aftershow bar and all the way back to Leeds on the bus.

20 Oct
Hull University.
Tonight’s show is recorded. Carl chooses to wear a gold posing pouch over his leather strides.


21 Oct
Sheffield University.
Brilliant set tonight filmed for Music Box and Yorkshire TV.
Comic writer, Si Spencer says hi and says he’s including a William Potter and Carl Puttnam Megablock in his next Judge Dredd strip. An honour!

22 Oct
York University.
Atrocious organisation puts back our soundcheck (it’s interrupted by a refectory dinner!) and we have to be led through the middle of the audience to get to the stage.

23 Oct

Leeds Polytechnic.
The big homecoming but Carl all but loses his voice. We manage to cover for him and play well but a few idiots spoil it by hurling coleslaw and phlegm on stage.
Whatever, it’s always a big comedown to end a tour and face up to having to do the boring things like shop for groceries and cook.


nme_top50.jpg 26 Oct
Bump into Steve and Gordon feeling the same. We all go over to Bradford with most of the band and crew for an excellent Julian Cope show.2 Nov
News comes in that a US and Continental tour of Asquarius is unlikely. Crap.
‘Once Again’ is played on Eastenders. (We have also been on in the caff and garage on Corry and a party in Emmerdale.4 Nov
Meetings in London give us a good impression that the Asquarius campaign is over and we must start looking towards the next album. There was a remote chance of us supporting on the B-52s’ tour. It doesn’t happen. Plans are for us to do a summer festival and tour next autumn. It seems a long way away.


6 Nov
Record some basslines in Bradford for the ‘live’ recordings that may show up on a future e.p. Apparently this is to repair poor recording quality rather than playing.

9 Nov
Woodhouse Studios to record an Xmas flexi, ‘Weirdy Beardy’. It’s a hotpotch but comes out fun by 2am.

25 Nov
I rehearse a couple of my new tunes with Steve. Mike comes round later with five of his own. I’m still confident that a couple of mine might make it to CD.

26 Nov

We’re offered an appearance on a pilot for a Vic and Bob show, ‘Popadoodledandy’. Bugger me, I’m on holiday in the States on the recording day. I try to rearrange my flight with no success. The band decide to do it anyway, recruiting a female bass player, Jessica.

1 Dec

Down to London for a photo session tomorrow. Cue chance to turn up looking wrecked… It’s the NME Xmas quiz with Paul Heaton, David Gedge, Jarvis Cocker and Cathal Coughlan. Most of the NME follow us back to the Columbia for late booze.

nme_footie_band.jpg2 Dec
The photo session is for the NME Xmas issue on a 70s theme. We’re kitted out in vintage football kit and wigs for our very own collector card on the Crystal Palace pitch.




4 Dec
Film YTV interview at Bacios Pizzeria, then pose at Kirkgate Market Oyster stall.
Train to York to see the Family Cat supporting Carter. Wish we were still on tour…





16 Dec
The new quarter-female CUD record songs and sketches with Vic and Bob. Shame the pilot of ‘Popadoodledandy’ was never shown, but here’s what the public (and Will) missed:

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