The CUD story part 30

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ware5.jpg(above) YTV’s ‘The Warehouse

23 Mar 1993
CUD behave like louts at the recording of ‘The Warehouse’ for YTV, drinking about six pints each then heckling up-and-coming comic, Lee Evans. The producer gives us a bollocking but he won’t throw us out as we’re booked on ‘The Warehouse’ next week.
Carl tries to get us and Pulp (filmed tonight) to go out clubbing to no avail.

ware1.jpg25 Mar
Huddersfield Beaumont Street Studios to record the backing tracks with Dave Creffield to three new songs, ‘The Mystery Deepens’, ‘Slip Away’ and ‘Waving and Drowning’ for ‘The Warehouse’.

30 Mar
Recording of ‘The Warehouse’, at, ahem, Leeds Warehouse. Lots of our friends turn up to support. We’re one of two bands on stage for the show, amongst comedians and interviews with Barry from Brookside and a Flying Picket. Terry Christian and Heaven 17 are also there. We get a stage invasion. I get Victoria from Fuzzbox’s number.

4 Apr
Warm-up show at Hull Tower. After a long absence from touring, we’re surprisingly tight and confident tonight.

hallam_mm_rev.jpg5 Apr
Live on Radio One, Sheffield Hallam University, part of Sheffield Sound City 93.
Carl had to leave Leeds early for what proved to be a very brief interview with Simon Bates at Sheffield’s Meadowhall while the rest of us wait three hours for the BBC to Red Star courier extra microphones for Steve’s drumkit before we set off south.
We’re very nervous playing live on the radio and make a couple of cock-ups and a few plastic pint glasses of water thrown at us don’t help. But we go down well, and listening back, the gig sounds awesome. (The recording is included on The Complete BBC Sessions box set from 3Loop Music.)

hallam_nme_rev.jpg6 Apr
Despite feeling weary from yesterday, the band meet up with Jim in Manchester then go to see the much-lauded Suede at the Academy. They don’t make the crowd dance as we do, but they do seem adored and the show is interesting. Steve has a chat with singer Brett Anderson at the bar afterwards.

9 Apr
Go to see the Stereo MCs’ Sound City gig, bump into some journos and Jarvis Cocker who turns out to have dated my girlfriend’s ex-flatmate.

gimme_sleeve.jpg13 Apr
‘Gimme Shelter’ released.

15 Apr
A surprisingly cheery David Rose brings Al Clay to meet us in Leeds. Al, a Steve Martin lookalike seems OK and experienced, having just completed an album with Black Francis. We have our doubts, with him not being a ‘name producer’, but we’re most relieved to be finally allowed to get in a studio and start on a follow-up to ‘Asquarius’ in a few weeks.
Had three phone interviews to do about ‘Gimme Shelter’.

18 Apr
‘Gimme Shelter’ enters the charts at No.23. It will be Voice of the Beehive and Jimmy Somerville who represent the e.p.s on TOTP.

20 Apr
Carl and Mike have a bust-up in the rehearsal studio. Carl storms out fed up with Mike’s persistant name-calling in front of his friends. Mike makes no apologies but goes out for some fresh air. After a breather the pair shake hands and get back to the business of getting the new album in order.

21 Apr
Carl and I go to Manchester for a Radio 5 ‘Hit the North’ interview about ‘Gimme Shelter’. I give Marc Riley a mixing desk tape I’d recorded of his band, The Creepers, in Jan 87.

26-27 Apr
Long days in the Billiard Room Studios (where we recorded ‘Under my Hat’ in 88) demoing 12 songs for the new album.

28-29 Apr
Al comes over to Leeds for some pre-production, knocking the songs into shape. It was a sad and awkward moment when our long-serving engineer, Dave Creffield turned up with the demo tapes. He won’t be working on the new album. He only stayed a minute.

3-8 May
Studios in London with Al Clay. The studio is locked when we arrive and all we get done by the end of day one are the drums for ‘The Mystery Deepens’ but Al seems satisfied. He’s getting some great rhythms and percussion out of Steve.
The recordings are turning out well and we’re getting on with Al.
Head to Camden Underworld later and have a drink with Graham Coxon from Blur.

ware4.jpg14 May
CUD’s ‘Warehouse’ show broadcast.

16 May
Steve calls me to say he’s heard the intended live mix of ‘I’ve had it with blondes’ for the Leeds Shelter album. It’s awful. As a last-minute replacement. Dave Creffield offers the original Langford ‘Strongroom mix’ of ‘Through the roof’.
Radio interview with University College.

17 May
CUD move into their new home, a couple of rooms in a separate hut next to Old Chapel rehearsal rooms where we can leave our gear set up and plug in Carl’s oven. The rooms gradually get filled by Carl’s ephemera and paintings.

19 May
Get a call from David Rose. Howard Berman has turned down the budget for our next LP. He prefers we record only seven more songs for a 10-track album. We demand 12 at least. We look for a way out, then write a list of 12 album contenders. We’re demoralised by this next wave of lack of support from the record company.

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