The CUD story part 8

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In a surreal mode for the unusable Slack Time photo session, outside Slack House

15 May 1988
Record second Peel session at Maida Vale with Dale Griffin (Treat me Bad/Punishment Reward Relationship/Living in the Past/Everybody Works so Hard).

It became a tradition to include an uncool cover version, so this time we chose a Jethro Tull classic and added a little Mission Impossible piano.
Everybody Works so Hard’ is amusing for its lyrical snapshots of the band and entourage. Every member gets a verse, but Mr Dedicoat, our bank manager, who, when presented with our first advance suggested we invest in steam railways.

20 May
Record demo at Lion Studios, Leeds for next single, Slack Time/I’ve had it with Blondes/Make no Bones.

23 May
First Radio One broadcast of second Peel session.

3 June
Live at York University supported by Esmerelda’s Cat.

slacktime.jpgFirst appearence of the long-lasting CUD logo, designed by Leeds Poly students, Crooks and Stevens. And Bob, of course.

17-19 June
Record Slack Time single with Paul Sampson at Woodlands Studio, Castleford. Paul Sampson was fresh of success producing the Primitives. This was the first time we’d recorded a single with a producer and Paul certainly add a pop gloss to the package, with tambourine, tabla and timpani backing to the rhythm section and Asian-flavoured guitar notes on the Blondes solo. Lack of funds and a hestitancy in the band meant, sadly, that we never got to work with Paul Sampson again. When in Rome Kill Me would certainly have ended up very different.

Both ‘Slack Time’ and ‘Blondes’ are littered with Church of Subgenius references including the date we were all meant to be lifted to Planet X. As I write, the date has been and gone. I’m still here, but no one has heard from CSG alumni Rev Martin Baker since 7am July 5, 1998.

8-9 July
Filming for BBC North ‘On a Personal Note’. This is a classic piece of CUD archive footage. The band painted a car in dayglo leopard skin designs. They posed amongst car wrecks daubed with the slogan ‘Dupes of the Conspiracy’ miming to new 8-track recordings of ‘Slack Time’ and ‘Blondes’. Girly duo, The Impossibles provided backing vocals on the latter. The show, which also featured other top Leeds acts, Age of Chance and The Wedding Present was hosted by John Peel. One day the video will surface I hope..

CUD ‘On a personal note’.
Minor tidbit: If you ever see this footage, you may spot the donkey from ‘Donkey with a Fez On’ on the bonnet of the car. William lifted it from the Beeb.

14 July
Live at Sir George Robey CND benefit (with Extreme Noise Terror and Mega City Four). Despite it being a benefit, for which CUD played for free, the band were plagued by punters outside asking for money to get in. Their meagre equipment had to be loaned to most of the other bands playing (except MC4 who turned up with posh amps towards the end.)

29 July
Live at St Helen’s Citadel (with Bob supporting). Though CUD played with Bob a few times, there was absolutely no link between this band and Mr J. R. Dobbs.

7 Aug
Live at Brixton Canterbury Arms (with, ahem, God supporting).

12 Aug
Lives at Cleethorpes Pier Hotel (with Black Vinyl Lust).

16 Sept
Live at Medway Arts Centre.

23 Sept
First BBC2 broadcast of ‘On a Personal Note’.


Compare the reviews left and right for the different bass playing styles!
24 Sept
William’s comics work comes into conflict with his duties in CUD, when CUD get a last-minute invitation to play at a festival on the Shetland Islands (replacing The Cateran). William has already booked his coach seat and ticket to the UK National Comics Convention and is all ready with his portfolio. William opts for the comics, so CUD, with bongo-playing Tris Williams on hastily learnt bass make the long journey north to play Lerwick Clickimin Centre. This damaged how the rest of the band viewed William’s commitment to CUD. But William persisited in working in comics throughout his tenure in CUD and beyond (see Comics section of


In support of a hardtofind 12″ CUD tour:
28 Sept
Norwich Arts Centre.

4 Oct
Dovecot Arts Centre.

5 Oct
Leeds Adam and Eves (with Bloke supporting).

7 Oct
Newcastle Woosh Club (with Crane, who CUD would later invite on tour)

14 Oct
Northampton Roadmenders

15 Oct
Manchester Poly, John Peel Roadshow (with King of the Slums)

18 Oct
London Bull and Gate (with Screaming Custard)

19 Oct
Bristol Moon Club, with The Telescopes

20 Oct
Salisbury Art Centre (with Phenobarbitones and the Razorcuts)

21 Oct
Old Sarum
CUD hire a generator on their day off to play an impromptu gig on the ancient site’s car park, in darkness. Flyers are handed out, vanloads of stripping hippies turn up and one minibus slides into a moat. CUD escape whilel a tractor tows it out and the police investigate.

22 Oct
Portsmouth Hornpipe.


Ah well, Slack Time did well in the local charts!
(right) Various SubGenius Clench Designs.


24-25 Oct
Record ‘Lola’ and one-minute version of ‘Urban Spaceman’ with Paul Fryer for Imaginary Records tribute LPs to The Kinks and Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.
31 Oct
Hallowe’en gig at Birmingham Synatras

1 Nov
Live at Leeds Duchess of York (R.I.P.) (with Purple Eternal and Esmerelda’s Kite)

Some pre-Xmas gigs:
2 Dec
York Uni, with the Highliners

11 Dec
Huddersfield Pleasure Dome

19 Dec
Cleethorpes Submarine

20 Dec
York Arts Centre (with Groove Farm and Hill Bandits). CUD kidnapped the Social Secretary and took her to Leeds.

21 Dec
Doncaster 7th Heaven

22 Dec
London Bull and Gate. This is Carl’s turn to skip a gig. Rather than cancel when Carl loses his voice, CUD play a mainly instrumental set and invite Elvis Belt amongst others to have a go on lead vocals.

The year ends with CUD having no record deal.

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