The CUD story part 3

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The first Carl/William/Mike/Steve CUD gig. Carl was a little shy of facing the audience at this time.

7 June 1986
The liberal Leeds Poly Fine Art course was threatened with closure after a ‘Sex swapped for degrees’ scandal hit the tabloid newspapers. Despite their best efforts, Carl and William couldn’t improve their grades through this method.
The students gathered for a 24-hour work-in to focus attention on the merit of the Poly’s art courses whatever they were. This meant the students had to be in attendance for more hours than the previous two months.

willdoa.jpg stevedoajpg.jpg

For their part, Carl and William decorated the bar with a tasteful silver and black mural depicting 1960s assassinations. The all-new reformed, re-formed CUD played two five-song sets.
With no stands, Steve balanced his two drums on chairs. They had been rescued from a skip near Carl’s house the week before as kids tried to smash them apart. Mike sat and added noise to the songs he was just becoming familiar with. It was a joy to play in this line-up. The show was recorded for posterity, below.

Feature in William’s fanzine GROIN. Bit of self-promotion did no-one any harm!

They began to practise, albeit drunk. They played at parties, um, drunk, but at least they had some continuity at last. Summer was holiday, but, for the very first time, a CUD line-up would play a more than one gig in a row.

See no evil, hear no evil. William and Carl model their new Sassoon hairdos for a Poly photo session.
Flyer for party at Carl’s house, shared with the flyer’s designer and future CUD manager, Rev. M. Baker.

19 Nov 1986
The Black/Funnell Exhibition, Leeds Poly Gallery
‘You Sexy Thing’ was reintroduced into the CUD set, this time with some speeding up towards the end. The audience seemed to like it.

CUD mime for Mind the Gap demo video at Leeds Poly.

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