The CUD story part 4

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Kirkgate market, Leeds, 1986

We’re lean, we’re mean…we eat ice cream.
1986 and posing for demo tape images. As it would ever be – a band without a uniform. Mike as docker, Steve as soul boy, William as revival punk, Carl as Essex smooth. We’re ready for our makeover.

above.jpgAt this point both Carl and William were models for Vidal Sassoon. Anything for a free haircut. For better or worse, the styles fell out in the wind.
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By now CUD had a repertoire of 10 songs. Mike was beginnning to shine as a writer, introducing a reworked Children song, ‘Van Van Van’ to William’s new ‘Don’t Bank On It’, ‘The Day Crime Paid’ and ‘Make No Bones’, Mike also introduced the novel concept of the key change.

Steve, recently shorn of his long locks, looked more mature, but the coolest.

William bought his black Vox bass in this 2nd hand shop for about £100, with case. He would still have it, if he hadn’t loaned it to an ex-girlfriend for her abortive band, Cunt Smudge. Good name.


For their part, Carl and William decorated the bar with a tasteful silver and black mural depicting 1960s assassinations. The all-new reformed, re-formed CUD played two five-song sets.

Rooftop of Leeds Poly, 1987

21 March 1987
In his position as Social Secretary at Leeds Poly, William was able to organise a ‘Battle of the Bands’ and, though he couldn’t influence the vote, he could ensure CUD a place on the bill.
Judges were presented with inflated kitchen gloves to represent udders.

CUD came fourth, but they had the moral victory.
The top prize was a support slot at the Poly, plus a Radio Leeds session.
The winners from William’s native Derby were One-Eyed Jacks.
When they got their gig, thanks to headliners, The Wedding Present, this is how they appeared on the bill…

Three quid for a gig. God, They were the days!

This is how it happened.
By this time, CUD had made use of the Poly’s portastudio to rattle off a demo which found its way onto the Wedding Present’s tour bus. Current Peel faves, the Weddoes had run out of music and stuck the CUD tape in and liked it.

Wedding Present drummer, Shaun Charman spotted William wearing a CUD ‘U’ logo T-shirt wandering about Leeds and promptly offered CUD a record deal and gig. It was as astonishingly easy as that! (But oh, how they paid their dues later!)

17 May 1987
Gig supporting drone merchants Loop at the Three Legs, Leeds

26 May 1987
CUD record proper 3-track demo in a half dat at Lion Studios. ‘Mind the Gap’.’You’re the Boss’/Don’t Bank on it’.

rehearse.jpgRehearsals in the Poly

John Peel announces he has thrown out his old tapes and is starting to listen to new demos again. Carl sends a copy in.
You never know….

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